Views from the Cube: JETS Swimwear Marketing Intern Abigail Reisinger


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What’s the view from Abby’s cube? JETS Swimwear in Australia!

In the summers in between your years at Northwestern, there seem to be two options: find an amazing, resume-changing internship or go abroad and expand your cultural horizons. Always indecisive, I decided to do both, which is how I found myself in Sydney, Australia, writing trend-copy, deep-etching images of scantily-clad women, creating photo shoot briefs and generally working a dream job.

I have the very great privilege to be the Marketing Intern at JETS Swimwear, a swimwear brand in Australia known for innovative design, premium fabrics and an accessible high-fashion aesthetic. As a Marketing Intern, my work is focused on communicating the JETS brand and the JETS aesthetic in a specific, tailored way, as well as finding new avenues through which to reach customers. In my day-to-day, I can be found doing any number of things: writing a rough draft of the brand kit for retailers who carry our collection, creating fashion edits blog posts about Couture Week Street Styling, merchandising department store floors, wrestling with the office espresso machine, picking up lunch from the best-kept secret café in Alexandria, deep-etching web images or building boxes in the company warehouse. But my favourite assignments are those that involve long bouts of sitting at my desk, writing any number of things,  zoned in on trying to find the perfect synonym for ‘chic’ or trying to craft succinct prose about the unforgettable work of Patrick Demarchelier. I often tell friends and family stateside that I had no idea that this job existed: a professional position, outside the strict box of fashion journalism, that allows me to exercise both my love and reverence of the fashion industry and my passion for writing simultaneously, day in and day out. Importantly, though, my job is not all creativity:  In the eyes of the JETS team, there is no job too big, too small, too simple or too challenging to become a teachable, valuable moment and because of this, I have learned more in eight weeks with JETS than I could’ve ever learned in a full summer stateside. My time with JETS and in Australia has taught me three valuable lessons that I truly believe would have been impossible to learn anywhere else in the world.

  1. Getting to know every department of a company makes for better, stronger, more impactful work. Sure, it is simple to create genuine copy about a collection when you have seen it, read the inspiration notes on it and understand what the designer is attempting to communicate. But it becomes so much simpler when you understand how the garment is actually, physically crafted, how it has to be shot and edited for publicity imagery and how many pieces are made according to demand. JETS places particular focus on following a garment from its conception to the customer’s hands and it is a valuable lesson: watch a tree grow from the ground up, and you’ll be more appreciative (and knowledgeable!) about the leaves at the top.
  2. Be a person. During my first interview with JETS back in March, my supervisor said, “We’ll want to know what you’re up to over the weekends—we’re quite nosy,” and I instantly knew that this company was interested in hiring Abby, the college student/fitness instructor/classic literature enthusiast/fashion blog addict, not in clean-cut, black-and-white resume Abigail. My co-workers and supervisors are interested in my work and my learning at JETS, but they’re also interested in the yoga class I took after work, the finer points of the American university Greek system and funny stories from my childhood—in other words, being a person rather than just an employee creates a stronger bond with my colleagues and creates a work environment that is more enjoyable to be in and therefore, more productive because I want to come to work and contribute to the JETS community.
  3. Say “yes” more than you think you should. There have been many tasks that I’ve taken on in my time with JETS that scared me—projects that involved learning Photoshop and InDesign, dressing models for retail showings, being an important link in the behind-the-scenes work of updating the website. Normally, I would tout my inexperience as a reason not to involve me on these projects, but instead, I simply said, “yes.” Yes, I will learn, I will jump off the deep end into something I don’t understand, I will stick out my neck for the sake of new skills and contribution to the company that has nurtured me. And thank God I did—the more I said yes, the more responsibility I was given and the more I was able to learn about the industry in an experiential way.

Maybe you don’t have to go overseas to learn professional lessons that give your career path shape, but it has certainly made the difference for me. Being removed from your regular environment makes you more apt to try new things and be open to every possibility in front of you, not just the ones that look the best—and that’s something we could all learn to do a little more of.

Views from the Cube: South African Human Rights Commission Intern Sarah Watson


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What's the view from Sarah's cube? The South African Human Rights Commission!

What’s the view from Sarah’s cube? The South African Human Rights Commission.

This summer I have had the pleasure of working in the Legal Services Department of the South African Human Rights Commission. Living in Cape Town, I’m stationed in the Western Cape Provincial Office. The office is separated into the Parliamentary Research Unit, and the Legal Services Unit. As a Social Policy major but someone who is also pre-law, I was having a hard time choosing which area I wanted to work in for the summer. I decided that having the legal experience would be great, plus they were shorter staffed in this area. I’m really glad that I decided to work in Legal Services. As a result, I have learned so much about myself, human rights work, and South Africa throughout my internship experience.

On a basic level, working in an office in a different country is extremely different. I’ve had to learn a very different office culture. Things are much more lax here. People come to work later, take smoke breaks frequently, chat often in the hallways/offices, and personal lives are often discussed. Getting to know the nuances of a different culture has been extremely interesting.

Adding on yet another layer, working in a government office has it’s own challenges. The head office is in Johannesburg, so any type of administrative things have to be handled through them. This means that when our server goes down, we have to wait for someone from Johannesburg to come fix it, or even just call us back. Being a government office also means we are subject to strict and routine audits. Files must be immaculate and there are numerous administrative steps that have to be followed for each action taken on a case. Reports on all cases have to be filed every month, and we are supposed to close 25% of our cases each quarter. Considering the Western Cape Office has one of the highest volumes of complaints, this can put a lot of stress on the office.

On top of all of that, is the actual work itself. In a country like South Africa, still recovering from the Apartheid era, there is still so much work to be done. Like the remnants of slavery and Jim Crow on disadvantaged populations in the United States, South Africa is struggling in many of the same ways. We deal with complaints ranging from unlawful evictions, hate speech, discrimination, housing/basic needs, and more. The work is plentiful, and extremely draining. Sometimes people have traveled hours from townships just to talk to us. Going on site inspections to townships has not only given me insight for our cases, but has also given me incredible perspective on my own life and privilege.

As far as my work goes, a typical day for me at SAHRC consists mainly of consultations. We don’t take appointments, so anyone off the street can walk in the office to consult with a legal officer. When not consulting, I spend a lot of time drafting correspondence with complainants that updates them on the status of their case. I also write allegation letters to respondents, which inform them of the complaint against them and requests a written response. I’m also often tasked with doing legal research for cases. As a culminating project I’m writing a final report for a case that outlines the facts of the case, legal framework, legal analysis, and a final decision.

Not only have I gotten extensive legal experience, but I’ve also had the opportunity to get to know and work within different communities. I’m so thankful for the 2 months that I’ve spent here at the SAHRC and hope that I can return some day.

Views from the Cube: CeaseFire Intern Molly Crane


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CeaseFire works to stop the cycle of violence in the city of Chicago through addressing the root causes of these outcomes. The CeaseFire team consists of individuals originally from the areas in which they work, and their task is to build relationships with “high risk” youth and adults. It is out of these relationships that CeaseFire can assist individuals with obtaining employment, remaining in school, locating emergency housing, and also directly preventing and interrupting violence. The staff typically possess similar life experiences to the clients with whom they work, which offers credibility to their messages of alternate choices and of caution. In the past six months, it has been my privilege to intern with this meaningful organization.

It is atypical to have a “typical” day of work with CeaseFire. A single day may involve visiting the hospital after a shooting, meeting with community organizations to leverage employment resources for the benefit of CeaseFire clients, meeting with police officers about recent issues, and doing professional development with the outreach workers themselves. It is truly a direct service in all senses of the phrase, and I’ve seen the ways in which CeaseFire truly changes lives. The workers enter unarmed into gun fights, and also work to prevent retaliations through peace treaties. As an intern at CeaseFire and an individual who is not a former gang member, most of my work is with community organizations and the staff instead of with clients. And yet it is extraordinarily inspiring to see the life-changing effects of my co-workers, and I am honored to play a very small part in the work they do. The more I learn from the people, the more clearly I see that violence emerges from a plethora of factors. It requires a holistic approach to target all of the root causes, and CeaseFire cannot do this work alone. But one thing I know for certain: Chicago would be a very different place without the presence of CeaseFire.

Molly Crane is a rising junior majoring in Sociology and Political Science and minoring in Global Health.

Views from the Cube: Groupon Intern Ariel Kang


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When people show interest in my internship at Groupon, I often find it hard to tell them what it is like. It’s so different from a traditional business workplace in many aspects that one cannot just describe it—they have to experience it directly. However, I hope this blog post can provide a snapshot of my experience and provide some reference to future interns.

Groupon, like many other tech companies, has an upbeat work culture that encourages flexibility, open communication, and creativity. People dress casually, work flexible hours, and are free to take off vacation days as long as they get their work done. “One-on-one” meetings are big at Groupon, and people across all levels are willing to talk if you reach out to them. In addition, I love how the company encourages its employees to be entrepreneurs who are not just coming in and punching in hours, but are excited and eager to come up with creative solutions to business problems. You don’t have to follow the “rules” if you have a better idea.

This wonderful opportunity has also exposed me to various aspects of the tech/e-commerce industry with an amazing team of talented and committed people. I remember on my first day, right after my orientation, I was already staffed on five different projects, each with a different focus and learning objective. In particular, I am thrilled to take ownership of some projects that I carried on from conception to execution. I was constantly given opportunities to speak up at meetings and present my accomplishments to my co-workers (and even the CMO!). I have formed very strong professional and personal relationships with these supportive and competent individuals and now it’s really hard to say goodbye.

I would definitely recommend taking advantage of internship opportunities like this one – where one can really make a difference. I enjoyed spending the summer at Groupon and it’s been more than great!

Ariel Kang is a rising junior majoring in Economics and participating in the Kellogg Certificate Program for Undergraduates in Managerial Analytics.

Views from the Cube: Orange Coast Magazine Intern Brooke Wanser


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As much as I hated to admit it, I needed to find an internship. Being in Medill for two years without interning somewhere feels akin to getting a makeover at the mall without purchasing any makeup. With my potential humiliation in mind, as well as the handy extra line it would add to my resume, I searched for internships back home.

Although Orange County has risen in notoriety from shows like The Hills, The OC, and The Real Housewives, news of national interest is rare. That being said, there are a number of media outlets in the area, so I figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a magazine nearby. I narrowed down my search, and decided to apply for Orange Coast Magazine, a leading lifestyle magazine in the county. The process was long and new to me, but once I got through the applications and pitches, it was worth it when I found out I got the position.

My first day was what I had expected: lots of fact-checking! Since a large chunk of the magazine’s content is on dining, I was able to speak to many of the chefs and managers at top restaurants in the area. I’ve learned a lot of fairly useless facts, like which chef is the driving force behind which restaurant in the area, and what a sommelier is.

One day I came in, expecting to go through the usual fact-checking routine. Instead, the editor had a different assignment. Another intern and I were to go through a list from the coroner’s office and categorize the past 20 years’ worth of homicides in Orange County. It took us seven hours, and it left me a bit scarred to read the descriptions of how people were murdered. By taking the time to read through and label these people, though, I felt like they were being recognized, not simply left as nameless statistics lost in paperwork.

Another thing the interns have been working on is our story ideas. We pitched a total of fifteen researched ideas for stories. The editors talked about them, and returned a marked up copy of what we sent them. They also told us which ones to pursue. I am currently working on a story about a finishing school for young girls in the area.

A huge part of the intern experience is receiving feedback for ideas. I don’t like being criticized. At first, it was difficult for me to see things crossed out and changed so often in my rough drafts. Now, I am beginning to understand the editorial process, as well as learning to edit my own work better.

I’ve learned that I don’t want to work in this type of magazine, but I have also come to appreciate the beauty of long form writing, injected with each author’s individual spirit and personality. I have reassured myself that this is the work I want to do, and that society will always appreciate a prosaic take on current events.

Brooke Wanser is a rising junior in Medill working on her minor in psychology. She aspires to become an investigative journalist, reporting and writing stories involving major political, cultural, and societal issues.

Views from the Cube: GCM Grosvenor Intern Kelly Cadden


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I have categorized my potential career paths into two distinct options: finance and marketing. As an economics major with the Integrated Marketing Communications certificate, I am naturally inclined to job opportunities in these fields. I would be thrilled to work in an environment in which economic developments impact daily decisions and investments. At the same time, I have great interest in consumer psychology and effectively positioning brands to a targeted audience. Last winter, my internship applications were split 50/50 between finance and marketing.

What's the view from Kelly's cube? GCM Grosvenor in Chicago.

What’s the view from Kelly’s cube? GCM Grosvenor in Chicago.

I was very excited about my offer from GCM Grosvenor because it incorporates both of my interests. GCM Grosvenor is an asset management firm based in Chicago that is focused on alternative investments. The marketing division specializes in creating content and presentations that explain its funds to potential clients, both institutional investors and high net worth individuals. As a marketing intern, I am expected to understand all areas of the business: investment strategies, fund performance, market news, and the process of acquiring new investors and maintaining existing client relationships. I am continually reading about the investment management industry while learning how to target and market to hedge fund investors.

There are about 30 interns at GCM Grosvenor this summer, spread out mainly between the Investments, Client Services, Finance and IT divisions. Although we do not all work together every day, GCM Grosvenor sets up information sessions and events to bring us together. We attend “Lunch and Learns” three times a week, in which Managing Directors and Vice Presidents give us a presentation on their functional areas and allow significant time for questions. These sessions are an effective way for us to learn about GCM Grosvenor’s different divisions and the hedge fund and private equity industries. In general, GCM Grosvenor is a firm with a very strong culture of interaction and inclusiveness, giving interns great exposure to all levels of the business.

We have also had several “Strategy Overview” sessions to learn about hedge fund strategies in the credit, equities and commodities asset classes. This is a great educational resource for interns since we do not learn much about alternative investments at school. Aside from informational meetings, GCM Grosvenor plans social activities after work for the interns. So far, we have attended a cooking class at The Chopping Block Cooking School and a White Sox game.

I am currently working on two main projects that I will present to the Marketing Team at the end of the summer. Although I am only halfway through my internship, I have learned an incredible amount about alternative investments and have worked with very talented and helpful individuals.  GCM Grosvenor has intently focused on making our internship experiences diverse and meaningful. And I’ve learned something important through this experience—there are ways to combine functional interests.

Kelly Cadden will be a senior at Northwestern this year and is majoring in Economics with the Integrated Marketing Communications certificate.

This Week: Hot internships to apply for during spring break


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From UCS student employees Derek Tucker and Laken Howard

Spring break is the prime time to apply for summer internships while you’re free from the stress of school. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or hanging out at home, take a few minutes to check out these internships and apply:

Employer: IBM
Position: Summer Intern (LEADing to Africa Internship Program)
Class: Sophomore-Seniors, Graduate Student
Compensation: Unspecified Location: Various Locations
Application Deadline: April 9th
CareerCat ID: 95062

This set of short term internship programs with IBM allows you to play a vital role in helping IBM develop Africa’s technology through innovation and transformation. There are a huge variety of internships in the program ranging from social media and mobile development to analytics, cloud technologies, and sales. IBM is looking for bachelor’s or master’s students and even recent graduates with big ideas and ambition to fill these roles. Additionally, they claim that all high performing interns will be seriously considered for full time positions upon completion of the program. If helping IBM develop new technologies in Africa is something that might interest you, check out the listing in CareerCat today!

Employer: Warner Music Group
Position: Summer Intern
Class: Freshmen-Seniors, Master’s Students
Compensation: Unpaid Internship
Location: Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, NYC, Salt Lake City
Application Deadline: August 31st
CareerCat ID: 87548

If you’re interested in music, this summer internship with Warner Music Group could help you develop some real world skills while learning more about the music industry from industry professionals. There is an array of locations, so you can choose somewhere close to home or pick a totally new place to explore. Interns work between 15-30 hours a week, and get assigned a special project to increase their understanding of how each department works. Since the position is unpaid, undergraduate students should consider applying for SIGP to help make this internship experience lucrative! For more information on how to apply, head over to CareerCat!

Employer: Prudential
Position: Marketing & Event Intern
Class: Sophomore, Junior
Compensation: Paid Internship
Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: April 27th
CareerCat ID: 95276

This summer internship can help you gain work experience in the Financial Services industry. If you’re studying Marketing, English, Communications or something similar and consider yourself organized, resourceful and good at multitasking, this could be the internship for you. Interns will research and plan events and assist the Marketing Communications & Administration Team with other duties and projects. It is locally based in Chicago, so it’s perfect if you’re staying near campus for the summer. They are looking for sophomores and juniors with good writing skills. You can apply online through CareerCat, but you also must apply through this link.

Good luck!

This week: Hot Internships Outside of Chicagoland


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 From UCS student employees Derek Tucker and Laken Howard

A summer internship in another city is the perfect excuse for a change of scenery, and you could find an opportunity at a company you never would have known about had you searched only within the Chicagoland area. If you’re looking to expand your horizons and escape Chicago this summer, consider applying to an internship outside the city at one of the following companies:

Employer: Nike
Position: Global Communications Intern
Class: Juniors and seniors
Compensation: Paid Internship, Access to Athletic Facilities, Discount on Nike Brand
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Application Deadline: March 27th
CareerCat ID: 94038

This 12 week internship with Nike is an awesome opportunity for students to get involved in the world of global communications. As a Nike intern, you will establish and strengthen connections with audiences all over the world through the lens of innovation and sport. You will help Nike to focus their brand image and manage corporate reputation and brand equity. Previous interns have said that Nike’s communications internships provide amazing real world experience and that you should expect to do exactly what their full time employees do. You can apply for this position on CareerCat with a resume, cover letter, and writing sample.

Employer: Hulu
Position: Editorial Intern
Class: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors
Compensation: Paid Internship
Location: Santa Monica, California
Application Deadline: August 13th (Hiring on a rolling basis)
CareerCat ID: 93318

This internship immediately struck us as an interesting and eclectic opportunity for those in Medill who might be interested in writing, editing, and marketing/social media. During an editorial internship with Hulu, expect to leverage your knowledge of what’s going on in the world of television, movies, and current events to engage Hulu’s users and showcase key series. Additionally, interns will have the opportunity to contribute to social media marketing efforts and even write for Interns will present a marketing plan two weeks into the internship and spend the rest of their time at Hulu executing their plan. To join Hulu at their offices in sunny Santa Monica, apply through CareerCat with a resume, cover letter, and writing sample.

Employer: JDS Development Group
Position: Intern
Compensation: Paid Internship
Location: New York, New York
Application Deadline: April 1st
CareerCat ID: 94151

This internship with JDS Development group is a paid opportunity to spend the summer in New York working with project management staff to participate in all of the various functions of project management. You will attend project meetings, review various technical drawings, work on marketing, sales, and brand development, conduct research related to projects, and prepare contracts and financial statements for review. This internship would be a great opportunity for engineers looking to get a broad idea of what goes into project management and product development. JDS Development is looking for students who want to work in a team-oriented environment, ask insightful questions, and have knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel as well as Adobe Acrobat. Apply online through CareerCat with a resume and cover letter!

This Week: Hot Jobs & Internships


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From Career Ambassadors Derek Tucker and Laken Howard

Looking for a cool internship or job? The sheer number of postings in CareerCat can be overwhelming to sort through at times. Here at UCS, we’re searching through the listings to uncover some unique, interesting positions you can apply for in CareerCat. Check back each week to see more “hot jobs,” and don’t forget to do some searching of your own to find the position that’s right for you!

Employer: The Chicago Chamber Musicians
Position: Development/Special Events Intern, General Management Intern
Class: All undergraduates
Compensation: $10/hour
Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: July 31st
CareerCat ID: 93517
This internship with the Chicago Chamber Musicians is an awesome opportunity for those interested in arts management or development. The Chicago Chamber Musicians is a society of professional musicians and supporters dedicated to the study and performance of chamber music. While both internships prefer a background in music, it is not required. The Development and Special Events intern will assist with planning and night-of activities for CCM’s annual Gala as well as other development tasks as assigned. The General Management intern will provide general office support such as copying, mailing, and other administrative tasks. This 10-15 hour per week internship is paid which is pretty unique (and awesome) for the fine arts world. A resume and cover letter are required to apply through CareerCat.

Employer: Abercrombie & Fitch
Position: Leadership Development Internship Program (Merchandising, Inventory Management, Finance)
Class: Junior
Compensation: Paid Internship, Housing Included, Discounts on all A&F Brands
Location: Columbus, OH
Application Deadline: March 7th
CareerCat ID: 93108
This internship program with Abercrombie and Fitch starts with a two week comprehensive training program where interns will get a broader view of the company and its brands. After that, interns are placed in business critical areas for the remainder of the internship. Merchandising interns will oversee vendor communication, attend fittings, participate in design reviews, and stay up to date on the latest product trends. Inventory Management interns will develop department specific inventory strategies and participate in selling reviews. Finance Interns will impact the financial profitability of the company through opportunities in planning and analysis, real estate, and store operations. The company requires a minimum 3.0 GPA, junior status, proven leadership experience, and a desire to pursue a career in retail after graduation. You can apply with a resume (with SAT or ACT scores complete with breakdowns) and an unofficial transcript through CareerCat.

Employer: Blackstone
Position: Future Women Leaders Program
Class: Open to current sophomores (graduating in 2016) who are interested in exploring a career in the financial services industry
Compensation: All expenses paid for Thursday, April 10-Friday, April 11 experience
Location: New York, New York
Application Deadline: March 12th
CareerCat ID: 93816
Blackstone’s Future Women Leaders Program is a unique 2-day experience (Thursday, April 10-Friday, April 11) among financial firms, enabling participants to develop a well-rounded business mind through an interactive information session, networking, and skill-building sessions. Program participants will have the opportunity to interact with business and recruiting professionals at Blackstone’s headquarters in New York City. The program introduces the knowledge, training, and skills necessary to build a strong resume and well-guided career path. Find application instructions in CareerCat.

What’s the NEXT step in your career path?


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NEXTlogo Are you curious about the Northwestern Externship Program (NEXT), but haven’t applied yet? Here are the top five reasons you should participate in NEXT:

1. You THINK a career in _____ sounds really cool, but you have no idea what it’s really like.

2. You want to try a career without having to make a commitment to an internship/job.

3. You want to increase your professional network of fellow Wildcats.

4. You’re interested in checking out a specific company.

5. You’ll have something good to say when your parents ask “What are you doing about your career?”

If you identify with any of the reasons in this list, hurry to submit your application and take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity to job shadow a Northwestern alum for one day between March 24-April 24, 2014. This year, more than 500 alums have volunteered to provide externship opportunities in a variety of fields.

Find more information about the NEXT program here and register for NEXT through Monday, February 10.


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