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Agustin Chacin (Bienen ’17) is a music education major pursuing a certificate in integrated marketing communications and a minor in business. This summer, he interned at FCB Chicago. Following graduation, he will be starting his career as a Consulting Analyst at Accenture in Chicago. His career interests include working in education and business.

Where did you intern this summer? Describe your internship role.

I interned at FCB Chicago in the New Business team. It was a fantastic learning experience, as the new business team in an advertising agency works with all the different departments in order to pitch to prospective clients and identify new opportunities. Everyday was different: one day, I was a production assistant in a video for a prospective client. On some days, I researched prospective clients and did in-depth industry analyses, and consistently, I supported the logistics of creating pitches. FCB has had some major business wins in the past year, in no small part due to the hard working, talented, and intelligent people in the new business team- it was truly an honor to get to work with them!

How did you learn about your internship? What was your internship search and application process like?

Last summer, I came to NCA asking for advice on how to get an internship at an advertising agency. I knew interning at an agency would give me a hands-on marketing education of today’s best practices that would supplement what I’ve learned in the classroom. My advisor at NCA introduced me to a recent NU alum who was working at FCB Chicago, and after an informational interview at FCB’s office on the Mag Mile, I came away with more knowledge about the agency life and in which roles I was interested.

Before the school year started, I went on NCA’s Marketing Career Trek in New York City last summer, which was my first time in NYC! We even got to visit FCB’s New York office, which in no doubt helped me know more about the company, and got me excited to apply to work there.

In the fall, I met a recruiter from FCB at NCA’s Career Fair, and I mentioned the conversations I had with people who worked at the agency, what I liked about the agency after my visits to the NYC and Chicago offices, and about which roles I was interested in. A few weeks after applying on CareerCat, I followed up with the campus recruiter, and then after interviewing with a few members of the new business team, I got my offer in early December. What’s unique to FCB Chicago is that they recruit fairly early for some positions, while most marketing jobs and agencies tend to recruit in late Spring.

What were some of your biggest accomplishments?

I had the great opportunity to present to different groups of people throughout my internship. Whether it be presenting research on a brand’s competitors to the creative and strategic partners working on a pitch or presenting to members of the C-Suite during FCB’s intern pitch project, I really got to flex my public speaking chops, which was a lot of fun.

What advice do you have for students pursuing internships in this field?

One of the best ways to make connections or create warm leads with companies is to reach out to alumni and hear about their experiences. During my summer at FCB Chicago, I reached out to Northwestern alums who currently worked at FCB, and they were very excited to chat with a current NU student. Even people who were 5-6 years out of school were excited to hear about how NU has changed and the clubs/groups with which I’m affiliated.

Above anything else, do your homework on a company. If you ask great questions and are excited about the opportunity, you will stand out. One of the biggest frustrations for recruiters is talking to students in career fairs who don’t know anything about advertising or what being an account manager is like. Showing an understanding of the industry and an opinion on best practices will make you stand out from applicants who haven’t done their homework.