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**General Mills will be on campus next week to discuss opportunities with their Finance Leadership Development program for internships! Meet the team at the Fall Internship & Job Fair or at an information session on September 27th. Find event details + submit your application in CareerCat!**

Tell us about your role at General Mills and what drew you to the company.

I’m the Finance Director on Annie’s at General Mills. I lead our finance team that works with our marketing, sales, and supply chain teams to grow our business and bring fantastic Annie’s products to more people.

I joined General Mills when I was in business school at Kellogg. What drew me to the company initially were great people I met through the interview process, and then a fantastic summer internship experience convinced me this was where I wanted to continue my career.

What is your work and education background?

I graduated from NU with a BA in Economics. My first job was with Jones Lang LaSalle in Chicago, where I worked on real estate development projects. After JLL, I came back to Evanston to get my MBA at Kellogg. In business school I did a summer internship at General Mills, and joined full time in 2006. I’ve had finance roles working in operations, marketing, and sales in Minneapolis, and also spent 3 years in Miami working in our Latin American business. After that I worked on our Annie’s acquisition, and I have since worked on the business integration, and for the past year as the Finance Director.

What makes a candidate stand out to General Mills and what is the recruiting process like?

We are looking for leaders who can drive results and make an impact. Candidates should have strong analytical skills, work well as part of a team, communicate effectively, demonstrate curiosity and a passion for learning, and be able to influence others. You’ll also need a passion for corporate finance, CPG, and food!

Our recruiting process starts on campus. You can connect with our team at campus events and the career fair. Then you’ll apply on campus website, and we will have on-campus interviews this fall.

What does an entry level role or internship look like?

The General Mills Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) is a great way to start your career. As part of the FLDP, you will have 3 roles in your first 3 years at General Mills, building broad experience in technical foundations, functional depth, and business basics. FLDP analysts receive training to help you get off to a fast start and quickly make an impact.

The FLDP allows candidates to demonstrate leadership, hone critical thinking skills, develop business context, and learn the General Mills and Finance culture.

Describe a typical workday.

Depending on your role, you could be working with a marketing team to decide how to launch a new product, or with a sales team on how to enter into a negotiation with a customer, or working on how to get our plants to run more efficiently. In any role, your day will entail working collaboratively with other members of General Mills to improve our business and achieve outstanding results. Core to the role is the ability to make sense of data and tell a story with stakeholders that helps influence effective business decisions

What do you enjoy most about working with General Mills?

Undoubtedly it is the people. I have had fantastic mentors, leaders, and friends at General Mills who have invested in my development by teaching and challenging me throughout. I learn from the people around me every day.

What professional advice do you have for students interested in this industry?

Love the products, and you’ll love your work. One of the best things about my job is telling people I work on Annie’s and to hear them rave about our Mac and Cheese!

What does your work space look like? 


What’s the best career or life advice you’ve received?

If you’re not uncomfortable you’re probably not learning. I’ve always gained the most working for and with people who challenged me. They made me better, and made the work more interesting.

Are there any current opportunities at General Mills for students or graduating seniors? 

Yes! General Mills is looking for awesome people to join our Finance Leadership Development program for internships next summer. We’ll be on-campus for the Internship & Job Fair Tuesday, September 27th from 12:00pm – 4:00pm in Norris. We’ll also be hosting a info session that same day from 5:00pm – 6:00pm in Norris, Wildcat Room B. Make sure to come by to talk to us in person, and check out our career listing at in CareerCat!