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By Brett Boettcher, NCA associate director of professional program strategy & management, serving students in the School of Professional Studies and master’s students in The Graduate School.

BrettBeginning and completing a master’s degree at Northwestern can be an exciting, yet extremely challenging endeavor. You’ll spend many hours learning highly focused, specific information and special skills that will make you ready for the working world.

The question is then, when and how do you find the time to reflect upon and take action toward your first steps beyond Northwestern?

The answer to that question is not always an easy one. There are many variables that can make committing time to your career next steps challenging, including managing a busy class schedule and program. Another variable could be that your master’s program is relatively short in duration. Shorter master’s programs can put you in the situation of job searching closer to the start of your program. You might even have family commitments that require your attention.

The intention of this blog is to assist you in taking the first steps toward beginning career reflection and taking action steps toward whatever direction you intend to pursue after Northwestern.

Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA) is a great place to start. We are here to support and coach you through this, sometimes, overwhelming process.

NCA will guide you in crafting a timeline and plan customized to you and your situation. Within this plan we can assist you in translating your degree experience for employers. If you are seeking an internship or a job, we can help you to understand how your industry of choice can impact your timeline. We can work on skill development like writing your resume & cover letter, LinkedIn presence, networking, interviewing, and even negotiating job offers. You may visit our website to learn more about NCA’s services to graduate students.

There is no special secret to beginning your career planning and action steps, you just have to begin. NCA’s skilled counselors and advisers are available to assist you with your career needs. We’ve got you covered.

To schedule an appointment with an adviser or counselor, just log-on to CareerCat and follow the “request a counseling appointment” link. You’ll need your NetID and password if you’ve never logged-on to CareerCat previously.