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Dan Leahy is a rising junior in the School of Communications.  He is pursuing a double major in Theatre and Economics, as well as certificates in Musical Theatre and Integrated Marketing Communications.  He is currently a marketing intern for Broadway In Chicago; his post-graduation plans are still undetermined, but he hopes either pursue a career in acting or in something business-related, perhaps in consulting or advertising.

Dan took a practicum through Broadway In Chicago during Winter Quarter of his sophomore year that helped him secure this internship.  He attended info sessions for various other internships in marketing and consulting, but ultimately decided that this internship was the best intersection of his interests.  From day to day, he does anything from preparing promotional materials for one of many of Broadway In Chicago’s local partners, to the updating of digital and physical marketing resources in BIC’s theatres.  Some of his larger responsibilities include working with an app developer to create a virtual tour of Historic Chicago Theatres in the Loop and creating personality quizzes on online sites to promote shows.  It’s especially rewarding for him to see one of Broadway In Chicago’s 100,000+ followers interacting with something of his creation on social media.

Outside of the office, one of the major perks is working at events for Broadway In Chicago.  One of his favorites was the world premiere of the Pre-Broadway musical ON YOUR FEET!, where he was able to interact with Emilio and Gloria Estefan in addition to other celebrities who attended the premiere.  He also worked at Broadway In Chicago’s summer concert, where he was given backstage access to Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park and met many of the stars of Broadway and National Touring productions.

His supervisor is Northwestern graduate Jennifer Schaefer (Medill ‘12).  He feels very grateful to have worked under a Northwestern graduate because it helped him see how the work we do within the Northwestern community applies in the real world.  Having worked to market multiple shows within Northwestern’s Student Theatre Coalition, Dan certainly has experience in thinking critically about how to make theatre accessible to a wider audience.  Jennifer has helped him understand how to apply these strategies on a macro level to the larger Chicago community.

His biggest takeaway from this internship is that all work can be rewarding if it’s for a greater purpose.  Although school and most jobs can be tedious or stressful at times, passion for the work being done can always make it a little easier.  His future career may not result in something as glorious as a Broadway show, but he is confident that having worked in this office will help him to see the bigger picture regardless.