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SoC sophomore Aisha attended the Los Angeles 'Cats Connect networking reception on July 28.

SoC sophomore Aisha is interested in pursuing a career in advertising, marketing and public relations.

Aisha Hauser is a sophomore in the School of Communication majoring in communication studies. She attended the Los Angeles ‘Cats Connect student-alumni networking reception on July 28. Aisha is originally from California and is interested in pursuing a career in advertising, marketing and public relations.

Why did you attend the Cats Connect alumni-student networking event in Los Angeles?
I attended the Cats Connect networking event because I really value relationships and enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. Due to the fact that I am a rising sophomore, I am very new to the business world of networking, but I knew that this event would be the perfect place to start.

What was it like to navigate the networking event?
At first, navigating the networking event was a little bit awkward. It was definitely an unfamiliar environment for me, but I soon realized that everyone at the event was extremely welcoming. Once I got comfortable, I began to really enjoy myself. I still have 3 more years of college ahead of me, and as a result, I really fed off of the interesting and unique stories of both the alumni and current students. By the time that I left the event, I was extremely energized and excited for what the future holds for me.

Aisha  '18 talks w/ alumna Amy Millstone and her husband Tommy at the Los Angeles 'Cats Connect on July 28. Photo Credit: Northwestern Alumni Association

Aisha talks w/alumna Amy Millstone and her husband Tommy at the Los Angeles ‘Cats Connect on July 28. Photo Credit: Northwestern Alumni Association

Did you meet anyone interesting?
During Cats Connect, I learned about so many interesting jobs, but more importantly, I met some incredibly interesting people. I met people who worked hard for many years and ended up in a place they would have never imagined, as well as people who had very specific goals and worked their way right to them. Being in that room with so many accomplished professionals truly made me proud to be a Wildcat. In the coming weeks I will be meeting up with two amazing women who are recent Northwestern graduates. Melissa Cline, who graduated this past spring, is currently interning at OWN and I am extremely excited to pick her brain about her experiences both at Northwestern and OWN. Natalie Burch, a 2011 graduate, currently works at Warner Records across the street from where I intern at Warner Bros. Telepictures Productions and I am extremely excited to grab lunch with her and talk about the similarities and differences of the WB business on the pictures and records sides.

Northwestern students and alumni network at the Los Angeles 'Cats Connect.

Northwestern students and alumni network at the Los Angeles ‘Cats Connect.

What was your biggest takeaway from Cats Connect?
My biggest takeaway from Cats Connect is that there is no one formula that equates to success. There are common ingredients such as hard work and integrity, but everyone has their own story and I can learn from them, but will never be able to reproduce them. Authenticity is key, and I will definitely take these next few years to become the best Aisha I can be which will eventually translate into being the best career woman that I can be. I also learned that Northwestern has such an amazing alumni network and that it is completely up to me to take full advantage of it.

Would you recommend other Northwestern students attend? If so, why?
I would without a doubt recommend this event to other students, whether or not they know exactly what they want to do upon graduation. I think that networking is something that is perfected with practice, and a Northwestern hosted networking event is a safe and comfortable space to begin that practice.