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Northwestern students Ahsan Rehman & Michael Caputo recount their NEXT experience with Quantum Secure. Ahsan is a McCormick graduate student in analytics interested in a career in technology consulting, and Michael is a McCormick graduate student in information technology interested in a career in telecommunications engineering and leadership.

For the NEXTernship program, we shadowed Vik Ghai, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Quantum Secure; a physical identity, security and access management company in the heart of Silicon Valley. Vik was kind enough to not only share his professional experiences, but also spent time outside the office to discuss how start-ups are building solutions to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Quantum Secure is a startup, which has shown enormous growth in last decade by providing solutions to large corporations. Vik and his team are highly efficient when it comes to project execution, as roles are well-assigned and progress is shared on a daily basis. During our shadowing day, Vik shared how he interacts with his sales team and work package divided between the technical team members to work on deliverables. We were also assigned a small problem to develop use cases on how Information Technology and Advance Analytics could be used to develop solutions for Identity Fraud.

Vik is an intelligent and successful entrepreneur, who understands failure is an experience, which allows you to re-think and make improvements for a better approach in the future. He believes ‘Project Execution’ and ‘Client Experience’ are two distinct items that if handled well can lead to the success of any start-up. Furthermore, he considers the Master’s degree from Kellogg invaluable in helping him navigate the corporate world.

This experience allowed us to think about new ideas and gain insight into the life of a Silicon Valley growth company. It also showed us how the time spent at Northwestern can be a great source of pride for its Alumni. The NEXTernship was a fantastic way to network with alumni, evaluate the current Industry trends, and appreciate Northwestern’s amazing education and resources.