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Tell us about Weddington Way, your role, and what drew you to the company.
Weddington Way is the go-to wedding brand and digital destination for millennial brides. Specifically, we provide brides with a collaborative shopping platform that helps them visualize their wedding, organize ideas with their bridesmaids, and shop together – even if they are scattered across the country.

As the Business and Marketing Analyst in a team of 40, I get to touch all business areas that have a need for data and analysis. My role involves reporting key company metrics to the team, analyzing marketing data to help make campaigns more efficient, working with product teams to analyze funnels and flows, and partnering with the customer service team to monitor performance and identify areas of improvement.

I was drawn to Weddington Way as the company was working to improve the wedding industry and provide a better customer experience through technology and by offering a vast selection of bridesmaid dress options. I see the passion and the energy of the team every day as they look to learn and constantly improve.

What makes a candidate stand out to Weddington Way?
At Weddington Way, we are passionate about improving the wedding industry and driven to provide our customers with the best experience. A great candidate for Weddington Way is excited to learn, grow and contribute to our mission of perfecting the experience of our customers. We are a small, growing team, and as such, a great employee is excited to try new things and is driven to improve all areas of the business. We look for individuals who are able to work both in teams and independently. At Weddington Way, as at any startup, time management and prioritization is key, as are strong communication skills.

What does an entry-level role or internship look like and entail?
An entry-level role or internship at Weddington Way will likely span a couple of different business areas. You will learn and contribute a lot. The exposure to ecommerce, retail, and a customer-centric approach to running a business would be immensely beneficial.

Describe a typical workday.
I love that no two days are the same. The wedding industry is a seasonal business, which means that we spend fall and winter in planning and preparation mode, while spring and summer we’re in execution mode! I am always working on a few projects at once and am encouraged to jump in on projects that I’m excited about.

What do you enjoy most about working with Weddington Way?
Above all else, it would be the fantastic team. My colleagues are driven, ambitious individuals who are eager to disrupt the space. A truly inspiring group that I get to learn from everyday!

What professional advice do you have for job-seeking students interested in this industry? For students who are early in their college careers?
A young and growing company is a fantastic place to get some real hands on experience and start building a career. When working at a startup, you will be contributing to the team and company from day one. This is a very exciting place to be, but your responsibilities are great and the stakes are high. It can be a stressful environment as you are thrown into the deep end. But it’s also exciting as you learn much faster on the job than you will in any training environment. When choosing where to start your career, it is important to think about the environments in which you learn and work best so you end up somewhere you can succeed.

What does your workspace look like? 

The open floor workspace at Weddington Way.

We have an open office floorplan with a bunch of small office spaces along the periphery. This means that one gets to interact with almost everyone in the company, irrespective of title or function.  The meeting rooms are great for smaller group huddles or individual quiet time.

What gadget, office tool or program can’t you live without?
My Macbook Air and Microsoft Excel.

What’s the best career or life advice you’ve received?
It’s a journey, not a race. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others, as long as you’re learning and challenging yourself you’re never behind. Being a new grad is a very hard, challenging time for all. Everyone is leaving the structure of college and moving on to new things. It’s really the first time in most people’s lives where they are completely free to decide how they want to spend their time. Don’t be afraid to take chances. What you do between the ages of 22 – 25 matters much more in terms of personal development than in terms of career development.

Are there any current opportunities at Weddington Way for students or graduating seniors?
Yes, we have internships for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as full-time roles for recent grads. If you are customer centric, driven, and enthusiastic, I would encourage you to apply to the many open roles on our jobs page.