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Meet UCS Corporate Sponsor Accenture at an info session this Thursday, Sept. 25 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in Norris, Northwestern Room (log in to CareerCat > Events > Info Sessions to RSVP or for more information) as well as at a networking event on Friday, Sept. 26 from 6-9 p.m. at Prairie Moon in Evanston and a culture night on Friday, Oct. 3 from 6-8 p.m. at Koi in Evanston (log in to CareerCat > Events > Info Sessions for more information). Also, don’t miss Accenture on the first day of our 2-day Fall Internship & Job Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 30!

Accenture is a big company.  It’s fast paced, interesting, demanding, rewarding, fun, and an all-around great place to work.  Accenture employees perform many different functions, but I personally believe we all work toward the same goal: to make things easier for others.  I’m part of the Management Consulting practice and am aligned to work with our Health and Public Service clients.  I’m currently working for a health insurance client based in Philadelphia, traveling weekly from Chicago.  I’ve outlined some of my experiences below, to give you an idea of what it is like to work for Accenture.

I joined Accenture after graduating from Northwestern in 2013.  While at NU, I studied Economics with a minor in the Business Institutions Program.  I went through on-campus recruiting at NU and completed two separate interview days in the process – both comprised of a case interview and a confirming interview (think behavioral).   My biggest piece of advice as you go through the interview process with our firm is to place yourself in the shoes of your interviewers. Make sure that from their perspective, you act, speak, and think like someone they would be comfortable placing in front of a client immediately after your interview.  If you are clear, concise, and comfortable, you’ve already mastered the hard part.

I’ve worked at the company for nearly 16 months and have already worked for three different clients in five different cities.  What most drew me to Accenture was the ability to work on distinct projects in different industries, all within my first year or so as an employee.  To date, I’ve worked with a pharmacy benefit management company, a national grocery store chain, and currently with a health insurance company. I’ve created training and communications, worked on process improvement, and gathered business requirements for a technology implementation. The ability to pick up new and useful skills is something that Accenture values.  Accenture encourages you to explore new areas you may not already be comfortable with so that you can expand your experiences and identify your area of true passion and capability.

A typical workday for me begins in Philadelphia, where I walk among the many food carts that line the streets as I make my way to my client’s downtown office.  Once there, I review drafts of documents and PowerPoint presentations that I have created, hold meetings with our clients to gather necessary insights, and ensure our team’s deadlines are met.  Oh yeah – I also make sure to grab a cheesesteak for lunch.   I personally enjoy the travel that can come with our projects, but the people that work at Accenture are truly the best part of the job.  If you are lucky enough to begin your career at Accenture, you’ll be working with thousands of people who are probably just like you.  This makes for fun travel weeks and enjoyable times when you go out to dinner or grab a drink with your teammates.

For those that are considering consulting, whether you are currently seeking a job or the field has merely piqued your interest, I would advise you to think about what you would like to work on, but also to be open to areas or industries that may not immediately come to mind.  I believe staying open to new types of work is an attribute of the most successful employees. These people are always willing to try something new and expand their area of expertise which ultimately can make all the difference.   I was once told by a more experienced coworker that a willingness to go with the flow and learn new skills will not only make you a better employee, but will also help you advance your career at Accenture  – it’s a piece of advice I try to live by.

Accenture certainly wants to succeed as a company, but more importantly, Accenture wants you to succeed. With unparalleled resources, committed colleagues, and a tremendous breadth of opportunities – Accenture can help you in the pursuit of your goals. It’s a people helping people type of thing.