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 From UCS student employees Derek Tucker and Laken Howard

A summer internship in another city is the perfect excuse for a change of scenery, and you could find an opportunity at a company you never would have known about had you searched only within the Chicagoland area. If you’re looking to expand your horizons and escape Chicago this summer, consider applying to an internship outside the city at one of the following companies:

Employer: Nike
Position: Global Communications Intern
Class: Juniors and seniors
Compensation: Paid Internship, Access to Athletic Facilities, Discount on Nike Brand
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Application Deadline: March 27th
CareerCat ID: 94038

This 12 week internship with Nike is an awesome opportunity for students to get involved in the world of global communications. As a Nike intern, you will establish and strengthen connections with audiences all over the world through the lens of innovation and sport. You will help Nike to focus their brand image and manage corporate reputation and brand equity. Previous interns have said that Nike’s communications internships provide amazing real world experience and that you should expect to do exactly what their full time employees do. You can apply for this position on CareerCat with a resume, cover letter, and writing sample.

Employer: Hulu
Position: Editorial Intern
Class: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors
Compensation: Paid Internship
Location: Santa Monica, California
Application Deadline: August 13th (Hiring on a rolling basis)
CareerCat ID: 93318

This internship immediately struck us as an interesting and eclectic opportunity for those in Medill who might be interested in writing, editing, and marketing/social media. During an editorial internship with Hulu, expect to leverage your knowledge of what’s going on in the world of television, movies, and current events to engage Hulu’s users and showcase key series. Additionally, interns will have the opportunity to contribute to social media marketing efforts and even write for Hulu.com. Interns will present a marketing plan two weeks into the internship and spend the rest of their time at Hulu executing their plan. To join Hulu at their offices in sunny Santa Monica, apply through CareerCat with a resume, cover letter, and writing sample.

Employer: JDS Development Group
Position: Intern
Compensation: Paid Internship
Location: New York, New York
Application Deadline: April 1st
CareerCat ID: 94151

This internship with JDS Development group is a paid opportunity to spend the summer in New York working with project management staff to participate in all of the various functions of project management. You will attend project meetings, review various technical drawings, work on marketing, sales, and brand development, conduct research related to projects, and prepare contracts and financial statements for review. This internship would be a great opportunity for engineers looking to get a broad idea of what goes into project management and product development. JDS Development is looking for students who want to work in a team-oriented environment, ask insightful questions, and have knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel as well as Adobe Acrobat. Apply online through CareerCat with a resume and cover letter!