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Are you familiar with our Preferred Partner Aldi? If not, let us introduce you. Aldi isAldiLogo hiring for internships and full-time positions through Wednesday, January 15 via CareerCat (District Manager ID# 91035 and District Manager Intern ID# 91033).

  1. Trader Joe’s is Aldi’s sister company. In fact, a recent Slate article praises Aldi, calling it Trader Joe’s ‘better brother.’
  2. Aldi only promotes from within so if you want to be in the C-Suite, you have to start via CareerCat.
  3. Aldi is a European brand so like any European supermarket, you have to put a quarter into your grocery cart to release it; you get the quarter back though!
  4. Aldi’s starting salary is $75,000 for district managers.
  5. There are more than 1,200 Aldi stores in 32 states.
  6. The name Aldi is a conglomeration of the original owners’ last name (Albrecht) plus the German word for discount (Diskount).
  7. The cofounder of Aldi, Karl Albrecht, is the 18th richest person in the world according to Forbes magazine (17.8 billion euros).
  8. Almost 95% of Aldi items are sold under the exclusive Aldi brand name.
  9. Aldi interns are some of the highest paid interns.
  10. Aldi district managers see all aspects of the business from finance to hiring decisions to customer service to supply chain.

And did we mention that Aldi District Managers get a company car? Apply to join via CareerCat today and meet the Aldi team at the UCS Winter Internship & Job Fair this Thursday, January 9 from 12-4 p.m. in Norris, 2nd Floor.