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An internship in consulting is unlike any other internship that you could have.  Depending on the company that you choose to work at, the type of projects and daily schedule will vary.  What I have chosen to show you is a glimpse into Booz & Company (not to be confused with Booz Allen Hamilton, ex-home of Edward Snowden), where I have spent the last 9 weeks of my summer as a Summer Consultant.

What's the view from Mandy Ziffer's cube? New York.

What’s the view from Mandy Ziffer’s cube? New York.

The beginning of my internship brought me to Summer Intern Orientation (SIO) in NYC, along with 75 other interns of either undergrad or MBA level.  At SIO, I sat in workshops during the day and saw the best of what New York had to offer at night – club-lounge at a Yankees game, dinner, and drinks at some of New York’s best venues.  After a week of a lot of food and little sleep, I found out what client I would be working for over the summer.

At most consulting firms, you will be assigned to one project for one client and, unless your client is local, you will be traveling out of your home city Monday-Thursday.  You could spend as little as 3 weeks at a client site, or you could stick around for upwards of a year.  As such, I have spent the past 8 weeks traveling Monday-Thursday, and then spend Fridays at my home office.  There have been late nights working in the hotel lobby and in my room, but I also spend late nights having team dinners with my project team of 6-8 or with all the Booz staff at this client-site, around 45 people.  My days consist of a variety of tasks: attending client meetings, creating models, logging decisions, and putting data into PowerPoint decks. I am constantly being assessed and receiving feedback on ways to improve by my job manager and mentors.  While Monday-Thursday consists of long hours (12-14 hours standard), Friday usually consists of a shorter day, ending at 3pm for some sort of office-wide event such as happy-hour.

As you can probably imagine, it was a long road to obtain this internship.  I essentially gave up my entire social life, as well as some of my academic life for two months in order to prep for the interview process and now that I’m here, the work is still no walk in the park.  But, it is fun, challenging and rewarding.  I have had the privilege to work with people of all different backgrounds, from the Peace Corps, to big Consumer Package Goods companies, to the best business schools in the world (Kellogg among them!).  I have loved every minute and would not have changed my experience for anything.

Mandy is a rising senior studying industrial engineering. At Northwestern, Mandy enjoys her involvement in Dance Marathon, as well as her sorority, Delta Gamma. Mandy’s passions include Taylor Swift, iced coffee, and her friends.

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