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The fun corporate outings and networking events are a definite plus. Here I’m pictured with Robert M, Kevin S, and Rianna C—the four of us make up the Corporate Relations internship team.

The fun corporate outings and networking events are a definite plus. Here I’m pictured with Robert M, Kevin S, and Rianna C—the four of us make up the Corporate Relations internship team.

Upon accepting an offer at Allstate Insurance for this summer, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the summer internship program, even after multiple interviews with recruiters from the corporation.  It wasn’t until I arrived on my first day that I learned that Allstate had not only accommodated my late start in their program (July 8th!), but my two managers had designed an incredible summer experience for me that aligned both with my passionate interest in working with a non-profit organization and growing curiosity in corporate relations and finance. Allstate’s recruiters and my two managers were enormously helpful in strategically obliging to my needs as a college student with various diverse interests as well as a prior commitment to a service fellowship in Ghana that I had to complete until July 7. They allowed me to begin my internship on the latest start date for any intern involved in the program, an exceptional accommodation that truly had me believing, for lack of a less “punny” phrase, that I was “in good hands.”

My participation in the program is divided into two parts: Corporate Relations field support and project management for the Allstate Foundation, Allstate’s main philanthropic organization.

As an intern in the Corporate Relations department, I am constantly reminded of the spirit and genuine dedication of the team just by the ambiance and culture of our office, which is home to the core communicators at Allstate—the social media gurus, the consultants, and tactical writers who deliver an unparalleled amount of strategic information to fourteen American regions, independent agencies, and regional offices, all to ensure that everyone in Allstate’s network is informed, aware, and engaged with the company’s initiatives and services. Everyone around me performs their tasks tirelessly while maintaining positive spirits and friendliness and the culture of Corporate Relations has unexpectedly become a huge motivator in completing my tasks thoroughly—and even happily. Prior to starting my internship, I heard horror stories of the “corporate environment”—stories of politics, boredom, monotony. My assumptions and fears neatly shattered within my first week. Instead of politics, I’ve found honesty and integrity. Instead of boredom, I’ve found challenging and rewarding projects. And instead of monotony, I’ve found healthy and manageable work loads that can differ as much or as little as I want them to.

As a project management intern for the Allstate Foundation, my projects include an enormous variety of philanthropic communication planning, strategic event coordination, and grant evaluation. This is my first experience working with a non-profit organization that is tied so closely to the missions and goals of a specific corporation. As a rising Northwestern senior with an extensive background in service learning and philanthropy on campus, the opportunity to witness and dedicate myself to a philanthropy that has such an enormous amount of support from what is fundamentally an insurance organization makes my job particularly compelling and rewarding. The Allstate Foundation works closely with organizations that promote teen safe driving and financial empowerment for domestic violence survivors. I’ve learned very quickly that the team that I support is working vicariously to collaborate with qualified non-profit organizations to inspire projects and services that intersect seamlessly with the goals and services that Allstate offers as a company: financial empowerment, the realization of one’s hopes and dreams, safety and security.

Which brings me to SaferLives, the Allstate Foundation’s newest initiative that has inspired Allstate agency owners to promote safety and disaster preparedness by communicating with customers and providing them with materials that can keep their families, homes, and their possessions safe and secure.

I’ve hardly completed a third of my internship yet I anticipate that I will be bursting with new knowledge, experience, value, and appreciation for Allstate’s unique and genuinely experiential program. It’s hard to believe that having the opportunity to immerse myself in both the corporate world and the philanthropy network all started from scrolling through an internship posting on LinkedIn.

Noor Hasan is a rising senior at Northwestern studying Creative Writing Poetry in the English Department with an adjunct major in Legal Studies, and a minor in Asian-American Studies. This summer she is a Corporate Relations, Field Support, and Project Management intern at Allstate Insurance in Northbrook, Illinois.

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