Alright NU, you’ve probably heard this a million times from your parents, your doctor, your Phys Ed teacher in high school: Eat Healthy! Eating healthy is important for a multitude of reasons, but if you’re trying to land that dream internship or job, you might want to change your daily habits prontito!

When Barack Obama was younger, he was said to have eaten only the healthiest of foods (spinach, lean meats, fish, etc.). It was rumored that he wanted to fuel his body to run at peak efficiency so he could work hard and achieve great things.  You could say that in order to become president, Obama went on the ultimate job interview. Ladies and gentleman, he landed that job! So regardless of your political views, maybe it’s time we take a tip out of Obama’s playbook and start eating healthy – for ourselves and our careers. Here are a few nutritional recommendations to keep in mind when you are preparing for that big interview.

1. Water, water, water
Drinking water is so incredibly important for our overall health, but also during the day of your interview. You want to make sure you are fresh and ready for any question they throw your way. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your interview to stay hydrated.

2. Carbs for an energy boost
If you’re looking for a quick energy boost before that interview, don’t reach for coffee or an energy drink. Eat some complex carbs! Whole grain carbohydrates will give you energy, won’t cause any drowsiness and will keep your stomach full and free from growling.

3. Protein
You probably can’t eat a steak or piece of salmon right before the interview, but you can keep a stash of almonds or other nuts and seeds handy. Chomp on these while you travel to your interview and they’ll keep your energy up so you can be more alert for those tough behavioral interviewing questions.

4. Fruits and Vegetables and Oils, oh my!
As part of a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables are always important. They give you tons of essential nutrients and help keep your body running in top form. But did you know that oils help your body process and absorb those great nutrients? If you take a look at the new food pyramid, good oils (olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) are part of a healthy diet. Make sure to incorporate lots of fruits, veggies and healthy oils!

If you’re looking to stay healthy, stay energized and land that dream job or internship, take a look at your eating habits. Fuel yourself for today and for the job you want tomorrow!