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As an undergrad, I didn’t think about my university’s career services center until I was required to interview a career counselor for the school newspaper. Until then, I had done all of my career development and prep on my own: drafting resumes and cover letters, interviewing for internships that I had heard about through my department or friends, and researching grad schools using books and online resources. While I was certainly on the right track, I could have explored many more opportunities had I sought the guidance of a career counselor instead of trying to do it all on my own.

As a Northwestern student, it’s likely you may find yourself in the same boat — you’re either unaware of UCS’ services, not sure you need them, or planning to visit UCS when you’re in the final stretch of your job search senior year.  Getting a jump start at UCS, however, can help you in all areas of your career development – even as early as freshman year.

Without further ado, UCS career counselor Christina Siders offers 10 reasons for you to make an appointment with a UCS staff member:

1. You are struggling with choosing a major and need some help narrowing down your options
2. You have no idea (or only a fuzzy idea) of what you want to be when you “grow up”
3. You would like help with creating and sticking to a career plan while you’re at NU
4. You are thinking about graduate or law school but are uncertain as to if, when and where you might attend
5. You are interested in taking an assessment to help identify your interests, preferences, values, or skills and how they can align with potential career paths
6. You are a graduate student thinking about transitioning from academia to industry or leaving your program all together
7. You need an unbiased person to listen to your career-related goals, ideas, and concerns
8. You are applying to graduate or professional school and you need a second pair of eyes on your application materials
9. You need additional information about some occupations and industries you are considering
10. You are thinking about shifting academic paths but need to talk it through before actually doing so

You can also start taking steps toward your career using a timeline tailored to your class standing.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 847-491-3700. We’re open year-round, and that includes throughout winter break!