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My internship at Rise Interactive makes me feel that I’m living the American life I dreamed of when I was in China. I take the “L” down to the Loop every morning, eat lunch at restaurants new to me with my team every Friday, and learn to use the most popular tools in digital marketing (the industry I want to work for after graduation). I’m so eager to start my day at Rise every morning that I don’t need an alarm clock to wake me up.

I feel excited about every small finding I discover that could help the teams; I appreciate the smiling eyes of the girl who sits in the front desk; I look forward to the casual talks at the Café every noon. But above all, I am excited to see myself improving every day. When I started in June, I felt insecure about everything because I never really worked at a U.S. company. I even worried about how to response when people say “how are you?” to me. Should I just say “fine, thanks” or ask them “how are you” back? For the first week, the only voice in my mind was “This is so hard! I’ll never fit in a U.S. work place!” But after two months’ life at Rise, I feel much more confident. There are always people willing to help me out regardless if it’s a detail question in digital marketing, or a general question about American culture. When I did something for the teams, I was always provided with feedback and suggestions I could apply in the future.  For anyone who is starting something new, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by supportive people to help build your confidence.

My internship at Rise Interactive feels like the first love. Though people tell you that there will be other boys or girls in the future, you simply cannot let it go. I have so many great memories—on the annual Rise Day we took a boat ride on the Fox River and enjoyed the summer time besides a beautiful waterfall. I’ll also remember Rise’ wonderful training program—the best class I’ve had in digital marketing. And I’ll always be grateful to people who helped me realize that there’s nothing can hold me back except my own fears.

This is the last week of my first year in the U.S. I feel that there’s no better way for me to celebrate this personal milestone than enjoying the end of this fantastic internship! Thank You, Rise!

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