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Karen in front of the AMC Networks SignI think they put their Emmy’s in a glass case to prevent me from touching them. As an MFA writing student with career goals in television, I could not have asked for a better place to intern than at AMC Networks. I linked up with the internship after University Career Services passed on my resume and I had a phone interview with fabulous AMC manager, Erika Weinstein. My past couple months at AMC has given me an up-close perspective of television development and how a story department works in general.

My job mostly consists of script coverage- aka analysis of new scripts that AMC will possibly develop. I read the good, the bad, the ugly, and the wonderful. As a studying screenwriter, reading incoming scripts has been infinitely helpful for me to know what to write as well as which topics to avoid. The staff I work with always provides useful insights to the industry as well as good humor on a daily basis. This combined with their diligent work ethic makes AMC an excellent place to work and constantly learn about both the business and creative sides of television. This work-fun balance is something I hope to bring to every job from here on out.

And then there’s Los Angeles. I’m living in Venice and absolutely love it here. Los Angeles can be described as a bunch of little cities, classically known as neighborhoods. I live less than a mile from the beach and at least twice a week run to the beach or walk around the Venice boardwalk, which teems with characters. My favorite was a man holding a sign saying KARMA IS A BLESSING. I must be blending in because yesterday someone asked me for directions.

This about sums up my internship and Los Angeles living experience. The summer has been everything I could have asked for as far as teaching me more about television and feature film development.  Many thanks to AMC Networks, Endgame Entertainment, and Northwestern Career Services as I am now (cautiously) confident about moving back to Los Angeles post-graduation next year.

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