I feel like I’ve fallen into a scene from The Devil Wears Prada. I’m holding it. The Book. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Meryl Streep’s dictatorship at Runway , The Book is a mock-up of the next issue of the magazine. It contains all editorial and artistic content and is made all the more valuable by the editor-in-chief’s notes. So when I get to hold the book, flip through its pages and take in every correction for AP style and artistic direction, I’m happier than Anne Hathaway in her first walk in Chanel boots.


This summer I’m interning at a women’s magazine downtown Chicago and getting my first real taste of living in the real world. Although I spent last summer Becoming Business Savvy – getting Ready for the Working World is a whole new ball game. As an editorial intern for a big publication in the city, I’m getting a completely different experience – and getting access to a virtual gold mine of contact info for the city’s elite.

Determined to stay in the city this summer, the agonizing months of waiting to hear back on countless applications finally paid off when I landed my first choice internship. So far it looks like the theme of this summer is “girl power.” The editor-in-chief started the magazine, and media company that houses it, herself and 99.9 percent of our work revolves around women in power. 

As an editorial intern, I thought I would be spending most of my time behind the scenes, but in my first couple of weeks I’ve already written my fist feature article for our August issue, and met some pretty inspiring women in the process who couldn’t say enough about the value of networking, networking, networking.

As a rising senior, this summer is more important that all of my other work experience, as it will be the most relevant internship I have when it comes to looking for a full-time job over the next year. Although I’m not necessarily looking for a full-time offer here (my post-grad sights are set on The Big Apple), the contacts made and experience gained starting the year before graduation will be defining parts of your job search – and if you haven’t already started looking, you should be.