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With all the news and articles written about the competitiveness of internships you may be surprised to learn that many students actually get more than one internship offer. And when students are met with this challenge of deciding which internship to take it can often be an difficult situation.

We at UCS have created a list of questions to ask yourself in order to make an informed decision about which internship could be best for your career development:

1. What are the financial benefits vs. costs of doing these internships? Is one paid vs. non-paid? Does one pay more? What is the cost of living in each of these locations?

2. What does your gut say? When you interviewed did you get a feeling that you would fit in and have a more positive experience at one internship over the other?

3. What will be the projects you work on at these internships? Will one have more meaningful and marketable outcomes over the other? Can the organization provide examples of what other interns have produced in the past?

4. Will you feel/be supported over the summer by your employer? Will there be formal training and supervision for you? Will there be a formal or informal mentoring program? Are there opportunities to get involved in networking or industry events/ conferences?

5. Which internship will allow you to explore a career that you haven’t gotten a chance to examine, but are interested in?

6. Does the internship incorporate any of your career interests and make good use of your skills? Will you develop new skills that are important and required for your field of interest?

Keep in mind, it is important and critical to maintain ethical behavior when making this often difficult decision. Students should only make a decision when they are ready and able to commit to that one employer. It is highly unprofessional to rescind an offer once you have accepted. And unfortunately, you may have to decide within a short timeframe of 2 weeks. If you need more help UCS is here for you. Please leave a comment here or call us at 847-491-3700.