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This past week at Northwestern University was a busy one… it was Greek Recruitment, First full week of Classes and Career Week. During Career Week my office hosted not one but two Career Fairs. And next week, our colleagues at the McCormick Office of Career Development will host their annual Tech Expo. Meaning in less then two weeks students at Northwestern may have attend 3 career fairs!

It’s now time to debrief on your experience…

1. Get out a piece of paper and jot down which companies you met with, what you learned from your interactions with the representatives or alumni from that organization and any kind of advice they gave to you.

2. Organize the contact information you gathered from attending the fair. Make sure not to lose those business cards or that piece of paper with the recruiters email, address and phone number… you’ll need that information for step 3.

3. Follow-up with those you met at the career fairs within 48 hours. This is crucial for you to make the most of the fair. What you experienced at the fair was your first step to building a professional relationship with someone of great importance in your future internship or job search. Take the time to continue building that relationship by sending a Thank You Note/Email.

3b. Use social media to stay in contact too. Do you have a LinkedIn Account? Send a professional message along with an invitation to connect with those you met at the fairs.

4. Follow the directions given to you by the companies who may have suggested submitting your resume and cover letter on CareerCat or on their company website. Many deadlines will be coming up very soon, so it’s important to act on this step immediately!

5. Meet with UCS staff to help you debrief and plan out your next steps. Call 847-491-3700 to schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor (if you’re undecided on a career path) an internship specialist (for tips about how to find an internship, research or summer job) and an employment specialist (for tips about finding a job after graduation).