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What happens when two people from Northwestern get together? Great things and for sure- Purple Pride.

This week Northwestern University proudly advertised an episode of the Colbert Report where Stephen Colbert (NU Alum) interview Seth Meyers (also an NU Alum). What was witnessed by many was pure comedy and fun. Watch it for yourself at http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/401792/november-08-2011/seth-meyers

But what did I see (as a diehard Career Services Professional)?

A successful networking conversation.

I saw two people with a common background getting along really well. And I wanted to share this with Northwestern Students who may be nervous about networking or meeting people they don’t know.

Bleed Purple, Purple Pride and the Purple Mafia are all ways to describe how Northwestern wants to help and care about Northwestern. You’ll find that NU alumni are as excited to talk with you and get to know you as you are to meet with them.

So watch the fun clip above and get motivated to find NU alumni like Colbert and Meyers who can help you learn more about career choices and employment.