This weekend a team of UCS staff with the help of is hosting our 3rd Annual Internship Conference called InPursuit, for Northwestern Students over a span of 4 1/2 hours on a Saturday. For most students in college Saturdays are precious time to sleep, study, visit with friends, maybe even (responsibly) party. So I am impressed that as of today over 340 students from Northwestern University have said they want to be a part of InPursuit.

I know why we offer this event… to give students a chance to truly think about their future and learn about internships through workshops, speeches, networking with alumni and more! We also recognize that students are extremely busy and have the best intentions to do what is right for their career development- but with the quarter system and all the other demands on their schedules, when is there time to think about a summer internship?

Well, for those students who aren’t able to attend an event like InPursuit or have time to meet with a career services staff member during the week- I wanted to give you one more reason why you should.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (one of the best sources of information on recruiting and hiring of college students) 57.7% of employers surveyed in a recent study said they convert their interns into full-time employees.

So if you are just skimming my blog post- read this:

Over half of the companies offering internships will offer you a full-time job as a result of doing a great job at your summer internship.

Why do companies do this? One word- Retention.

According to that same survey by NACE, employers report that after one year on the job employees that were converted from their internship program 75.8% where still employed with the company. Versus only 60.7% of employees that were hired who did not come from their internship program. And after 5 years it’s gets even more impressive. So in other words- if they invest in you as an intern- they get more return on that investment and it is a smart business decision!

So, not that you need another reason to do an internship… but I thought I’d give you a really good one.