Looking back on my career journey I can confidently say that I never would have pictured myself doing the work that I do at an early age. Let’s face it, children don’t grow up saying “Some day I’m going to be a Career Counselor”. When I played with friends I pretended to be a Teacher or a Doctor, but not a Student Affairs professional. So how did I find this line of work that I love?

When I started college I was undecided on a major. In high school there wasn’t one subject I was really good at or bad at. I enjoyed music, dance and being a leader for student groups. I knew I was creative because I loved to be artistic, expressive and come up with new ideas. What I didn’t know was how all my interests, skills and values related to career choices.

What is oddly ironic is that I should have gone to my Career Services office to get some advice. But just like you- I was too busy and felt the pressure to move through life quickly, so I didn’t make enough time for career development. If I had it to do all over again- I would have explored and gotten out of my comfort zone earlier in my college career.

I could have:

Ultimately, I found career services through my interest in helping college students develop and grow. I had a few internships in graduate school while studying student development theory and now have worked in this field for 9 years!

However you find the right career choice for you, please just follow my advice and get to know better what you are interested in, skillful in and what you value through meeting with a Career Counselor at UCS and participating in unique internship-like opportunties. I hope that you will find a career, like I have, that is meaningful and makes it easy to get out of bed each morning.