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On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) is a recruiting method used by employers seeking to hire interns and entry-level employees from some of the brightest and most talented college students. Each year, employers recruit on campus through:

  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Career Fairs and Networking Events
  • Company Information Sessions

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

Employers seeking to hire Northwestern students often decide to host their first round interviews for full-time and internship roles in the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters at our Interview Center located at 630 Lincoln Street. Fall Quarter is more commonly the recruiting time for full-time hiring and only a few summer internship-recruiting efforts. Winter and Spring Quarters on the other hand are more often used for summer intern recruitment and very rarely some full-time roles.

Applying for OCI

Students apply for on-campus interview positions through CareerCat under the “Jobs and Internships” menu or by selecting the shortcut from the CareerCat home page called “Campus Interviews I qualify for” (please note: qualifications are set by the employer and students should never unethically represent themselves just to be able to apply for an interview).

After submitting your required materials and the posting has expired the employer will select if you will be invited to interview. If you are invited please schedule your interview through CareerCat under the “Interviews” menu. You will be able to monitor your progress within the selection process and view your status. If an employer has not made their selections your status will remain “pending”. If you are selected as an “Alternate” you may sign-up for an interview time during your allotted time.

Please be sure to also follow the policies if you are considering canceling your interview. If you have any questions please contact the interview center manager at 847-467-5718.

Career Fairs and Networking Events

Employers will often want to meet potential candidates in person at Career Fairs or Networking Events. Please be sure to learn about the companies before visiting with them at these events. Employers appreciate when students are prepared and this will also show your level of interest in them as a potential place of employment.  Be sure to read through our tips for Networking and How to Work a Career Fair  prior to attendance atthese events.

Career Fairs/Major Events & Programs

Company Information Sessions

Another way that companies market their mission, values, culture and employment opportunities is by hosting information sessions on campus. Typically, these presentations will feature a recruiter and at times Northwestern Alumni, who currently work for the company. Please come prepared with questions to ask and dress is often business professional. For up to the date listings of Company Information Session splease be sure to go to CareerCat and select the “Events” menu and then the “Information Sessions” tab.

Preparing for OCR

It is highly recommended that before applying to any posting, but especially with on-campus recruiting that Northwestern students prepare for success. You can do that simply by making an appointmentat UCS. During that appointment your assigned staff member can help you:

  • Create or review your resume, cover letter and other materials needed to apply
  • Coach you on how to network
  • Walk you through how to use CareerCat
  • Evaluate your interviewing skills through a mock interview
  • Call 847-491-3700 to schedule an appointment