Long gone are the days of summer filled with poolside afternoons and umbrella drinks. Instead, I’ve traded in my flip-flops for heels, and my swimsuit for a power suit. This summer will chronicle my journalism internship in a field that’s slightly out of my comfort zone, and test my abilities to become business savvy in the big city.


“Believe it or not this is in fact a business setting.”

The statement by the owner of the media company was meant as a joke, during his speech at our intern luncheon, but it had a lot of truth to it. I realized that after all of the dread I felt for the dry business heavy internship I was being forced into at the beginning of the summer, I hadn’t once felt bored or even particularly business heavy in the three months that followed.

Our latest issue came into the office today. Delivery day is always a bit like Christmas — if your family was composed entirely of hip young professionals. Everyone crowds around an issue, pouring over the glossy pages and admiring their work. And this issue, I had a brand new toy of my own to admire. For the first time I saw my name in a magazine — something I’ve dreamt of my entire life and spent the past three months working towards.

My excitement over my contributor bio, had me feeling the pressure for my next story. My final article for the summer was selected to run in the next issue of the magazine, and the draft that I had been so proud of last week, now looked completely inadequate.

The thing about good internships is that they push you, and this summer has pushed me hard. I had planned on spending my last day in the office skating by on press releases and  Twitter and enjoying the company End of Summer Barbeque Bash, but it looks like I’ll be taking my own advice and making the most of every second of my internship.

After hours of meticulously editing my story line by line, meeting with both of my editors to discuss my work and a final press release, I find myself reluctant to leave the business savvy world that has now become so familiar.

Although I’m not planning on switching  my major to Econ, this internship has definitely pushed my definitions of what I thought I liked and made me fall in love with my craft all over again.

So for the low low price of a tan, and at times the well-being of my mental faculties, I’ve acquired a double-digit professional network, four featured clips, three glossy pages in a magazine, two recommendations for my portfolio, one mentor, and more importantly an understanding of what economic development and perseverance means in a city like Detroit.

As it’s time to wrap up, make sure to capitalize on all of your resources. Whether that means getting the contacts you need to make your next job move, or a recommendation that will score you an offer or a return invitation next summer, it’s all good business sense.