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It’s nearing the end of Summer (sadly) which means interns everywhere are packing up their desks and saying their good-byes. How soon do you think it will take for the internship coordinator and your co-workers to forget you?

Hopefully, you can say “I know they’ll remember me because I made such a great impression and ended on a high note”! But what if you’re like “That Guy” in the picture?

When I was working at Beloit College in 2006, I came across this article in the Onion, a satire magazine. It was meant to be (as everything is that’s published in the Onion) funny, but also something that makes a point. The article talked about how the intern was really excited about his internship and all the people he met, but the sad/funny thing about the article was as you read on there were quotes from people he worked with that couldn’t remember his name or didn’t remember him at all.

So how can you avoid being forgotten?

  1. Get some great tips and tune in for Wednesday, August 24th’s UCS Free Summer Time Webinar titled “How to end your internship on a high note” at 11am (Central Time) by going to http://northwesternuniversity.adobeconnect.com/highnote/ 
  2. Be sure to be gathering samples of your work from your internship (with your supervisor’s blessings of course) to have for a possible portfolio.
  3. Schedule a final evaluation meeting with your supervisor to get honest feedback on how you performed in your internship.
  4. Ask people you worked with if you can stay in touch with them and ask for (1) Their Business Card and (2) to connect on LinkedIn.
  5. Send thank you notes to co-workers and connect to them on LinkedIn while you’re still working there.