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Here’s some hints to help you be successful during on-campus recruiting!

  1. Be a Time Management Expert!  On-campus recruiting requires much of your schedule in the fall.  Balancing your busy academic schedule with your interviews is going to take a lot of juggling….and coffee!
  2. Be Prepared – Set up summer appointments with Career Counselors with us this July and August.  We VERY busy in September when the majority of students return to NU, so beat the rush and visit us soon!
  3. Research your Industry – this is a #1 comment that makes students stand out to employers.  Separate yourself from the pack and know who the company is, what they do, how to pronounce their name and more!  The more you know, the better!
  4. Get a Professional-looking portfolio – You want to look organized and professional during interviews.  Get a simple black or brown portfolio and keep in it, a small calculator, paper (for Case Interviews) and copies of your resume.
  5. Invest in nice Interview Clothes:  If you’re going corporate, get a suit.  If you’re looking to work for Abercrombie + Fitch’s Corporate office, (Yes, they recruit here annually!) then get the latest A+F jeans and cool clothes.  If you don’t know what to wear, ask us at UCS!  We see these companies many times a year and know their culture and expectations!
  6. Show Your Face!  Show up dressed nicely at on-campus recruiting events.  The more recruiters see you at events, the more they can put your face with your resume!  Make it a priority to especially attend employer sponsored events giving you information about the position and companies you’re interested in!  Prepare some questions that show your interest and you’ll stand out in a positive light!
  7. Participate in the Mock Interview Program.  This program is specifically mentioned as one of the most helpful programs we offer during the fall.  Register early because it fills up fast in the fall!!  If you can’t get an assigned slot, you can show up at the Interview Center for the night of because there are sometimes cancellations that we need to fill.  The volunteer interviewers are usually alums/real recruiters that give helpful feedback and provide insight into what the interviewers are looking for in candidates.