Long gone are the days of summer filled with poolside afternoons and umbrella drinks. Instead, I’ve traded in my flip-flops for heels, and my swim suit for a power suit. This summer will chronical my journalism internship in a field that’s slightly out of my comfort zone, and test my abilities to become business savvy in the big city.


After a series of no’s, yeses that came too late, and financial obstacles, my internship search finally landed me at a magazine—a business magazine. For some of you, that might sound like a dream, but anyone one who knows me will tell you that my financial knowledge doesn’t extend very far beyond the laws of supply and demand.

Regardless, as an aspiring journalist looking for work in Michigan (where I was born, raised and now returning to for the free rent), I was going to take whatever I could get.

Part of a collaborative media group, the magazine I would be working for asked me to come into their downtown offices the Monday after finals for a final interview. After only a day at home, I stumbled through the boxes piled in my room to find a blazer, made some instant coffee and headed south to the big bad city.

Unlike my unpacking, I hate to leave business matters anything but neat and tidy – the instability of my internship situation had me stressing all through finals. Walking into the building up to the Editor in Chief’s corner office was intimidating. Glossy magazine covers lined the walls, and by the time I stepped in to the EIC’s office my excitement for magazine journalism started to return after a grueling year of Medill.

Luckily, my final interview turned out to be more formality and less cause for worry. When I left, my level of excitement for my internship mirrored the level of anxiety that I had had the last few weeks.

As I left the offices I decided to spend the last day of my summer walking around the city and reading the financial section of the Detroit Free Press. Maybe I’ll become business savvy yet.