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Summer just started, but did you know that it is already time to think and plan for your full-time job search.  Interestingly enough, our employer partners have already started to launch their recruitment initiatives (info sessions, dinners, networking receptions, etc…).  It is important to take advantage of the summer time to develop the foundation for recruitment activities come this fall.

(1)   Network – Sorry to bring this up again, but it is so important!  Developing strong relationships by way of networking will help you to develop internal advocates within firms, ultimately supporting your interest in getting an interview.  A few notable resources: LinkedIn Northwestern Alumni Group and the Northwestern Alumni Association Directory

(2)   Research – Identify a variety of players in your industry of interest.  While most students can name the big five within their industry, it is important to diversify the portfolio of companies you are pursuing beyond those five!  Doing your research and identifying additional employers of interest will contribute to a more effective job search ultimately.

(3)   Interview Preparation –Just like any other skill, becoming good at interviewing may require an investment of time and energy.  Behavioral interviews are used to evaluate how your past experiences have prepared you and will allow you to contribute within this opportunity/organization you are pursuing.  Depending on your industry of interest, you may also need to prepare for either Technical or Case Interviews.  Technical/case interviews address your knowledge and know-how in an applied format.  Preparing now will help to alleviate some of the stress come fall quarter!