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For those students that are seeking full-time positions after college…my big advice is start early.  If you’re graduating in a couple weeks and don’t have an offer, don’t panic, but do get started today with your hunt.  You will find a job, it’s just going to take time, patience, positivity and most important, persistence.

IDENTIFY YOUR A-LIST:  Target the companies you really want to work for; ‘your A-list’.  Stay persistent with these companies and learn everything about them…the CEO, recent news, what their mission statement is, stock trends, who are their direct competitors, etc.

NETWORKING IS KING:  I know most people have probably heard this a million times, but networking really is king in today’s market.  Have you heard the expression, “in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king”?  Well, if you have even a slight networking-connection with a company, you are now the One-Eyed Man!  Congrats!  Hiring managers are most likely to interview someone they know of before the interview.  Do everything you can to stay in touch with alums/friends/family members/friends of friends/whatever it takes, stay in touch with that company.  Attend networking events with the company, job fairs, connect on LinkedIN, talk to recruiters at information sessions.  Be sure to exchange contact info, be polite, and always follow up by email.

USE TIME WISELY:  Once you’ve networked without over-harassing your contacts, submitted your resumes and all your materials it truly is a waiting game.  Don’t waste any time though, this is a great time to practice interview skills with a friend or family member or come in to our office at UCS and schedule a mock-interview with an employment specialist!  We’ll even record it on a digital camera so you can evaluate yourself and see how you look to the recruiter!

STAY POSITIVE:  Find other ways to stay positive as well, take a good relaxing break from job hunting and start a fun project…maybe something related to your field that you can talk about during your interview!  For example, if you’re seeking a position as a music teacher, why not start up a choir in your area?  If you’re an accountant, you can work towards getting your CPA or volunteer your book-keeping skills for a charity or non-profit.  If you’re seeking a technical position, why not build something that you’ve always wanted to make?  Or just pick up a new fun hobby, running, bird watching, gourmet cooking, playing guitar, join a band,….whatever it is, keep it fun!