The countdown to summer is here.  For many of you, this is also the countdown to starting your full-time job or your intern­ship!  While you knew that get­ting a job/internship required work, there is yet more to do be­fore you even start your job/ internships. Following the tips below will allow for you to be more prepared for this transition, both personally and profession­ally.


1.   Reach out to your employer.  It is worth double checking your start date to ensure that you are on the same page with the organiza­tion.  It is also an opportunity to reiterate your commitment and enthusiasm about the opportunity.


2.   Coordinate a time to con­nect with your direct supervi­sor.  For seniors: chat with your supervisor about recommendations for best prepar­ing to start employment, includ­ing materials you can review, technology you can learn, etc…  For juniors: take the time to discuss your learning goals for the summer with your supervi­sor.  This will help to ensure that the experience is both beneficial to you and the organization.


3.  Confirm your housing plans/ arrangements. Ensure that you have completed all the required paperwork for your move into your apartment and have an official move date scheduled.  Because you will want to focus your energy on your job, it is also worth develop­ing a list of basic household items you will need in order to get by and developing  a plan for acquir­ing those items.   


4.  Consider your wardrobe. Do you have appropriate work attire?  Just as when you were in­terviewing, your appearance will impact the impression you are able to make, at least ini­tially.  Make sure that you have professional and appropriate work attire (including shoes).


5.  Read related-industry publi­cations.   Choose a publication (or two) and get in the habit of reading them!  Once you start working, your life will be full and busy, so developing this habit will be more challenging.  This will also con­tribute to your preparation for your job/internship and hopefully your ability to jump right in.