Whether you just started looking for a summer internship, or you have been looking and not having much success, I have some tips to help you regain confidence in your near future plans:

  • Don’t just submit your resume and hope- So many times I hear from students that they feel like they have made progress on their internship search because they sent in 20 resumes to 20 different organizations. Do you realize you just ended up in a pile of 200+ other resumes. What is going to make the employer want to schedule an interview with you over others? Instead take some time and put some care into your application materials.
  • Speaking of Resumes- have you had a resume expert look it over?- From surveying some of the companies that work with University Career Services we have learned that some times the difference between you getting an interview and not is one misspelled word. We’re all only human and make mistakes, but in a competitive world employers notice these things and may not give you a 2nd chance. Proofread and have someone at UCS or another Career Services office on campus review and help you target your resume today!
  • Are you sending the same cover letter to every company? Are you even sending a cover letter?- Cover letters are very important. They help tell the employer more about who you are, why you are specifically interested in them and why they should hire you over other candidates. If you are taking the easy way out and not sending a cover letter when it is optional or writing a form letter (aka switching out the company names)- stop! Take the time to write a genuine narrative message to the employer and they will take notice.
  • Networking really is the key!- I always joke to students that when you meet with me or any other professional at UCS we are going to talk about Networking. But that is because it is so valuable and we have countless stories of success from students getting to know alumni or others in the community; and these relationships leading to employment or better understanding of ones career direction. One of the best ways to get started with networking is to get to know NU alumni. Take a look at http://alumni.northwestern.edu/ to learn more about the NU Alumni LinkedIn group, Northwestern CareerNet and much more.
  • And as always- UCS is here to help! Call today to schedule an appointment- 847-491-3700