Here are some valuable tidbits of what I’ve observed at the IC from over six seasons of recruitment.  I love lists and what’s better than a top 10 list of ‘Things Learned at the Interview Center’!  Enjoy!

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1.  Employers love that Northwestern University students are very analytical and quantitative.

2.  Employers highly dislike no-shows.  This makes employers angry and wastes their time and wastes an opportunity for a fellow student.  (Also, if you no-show, you may get blocked from using CareerCat and all on-campus recruiting activity!)

3. NU Alums love returning to NU and hiring other wildcats!  GO NU!

4.  Employers will notice if you have messy hair, clothes that are too short or too tight or if you are rude to their greeter – they write it all down and tell their hiring managers.

5.  Employers highly dislike lateness to interviews.  It is an automatic strike against you, and they have a day-long schedule to keep on track with 13 other highly talented, involved and intelligent NU candidates.  Play it safe and get to your interview at least 15 minutes early.

6.  Some employers don’t bring copies of resumes, so to be safe and to look prepared always bring copies of your resume.

7.  If you are an Alternate and really want the job, call the Interview Center and talk to the IC Manager to find out if anyone has cancelled from the schedule.  We will do our best to get you on the schedule!  We want to help you get your dream job/internship!  We have helped many alternates get interviews that have turned into offers!  Employers love to see motivated candidates!

8.  During recruiting season, the most successful students make the CareerCat system their best friend…check into CareerCat for updates and notifications multiple times every day!

9.  From the moment you walk into the Interview Center, the employers are watching and evaluating you.  Be friendly, kind, considerate and not too loud!  This is not the time to text, chat about last night with your friends or eat food.  Focus on being the best candidate you can be, go chat and be friendly with the greeter for your company, learn more about the company from representatives or literature in the lobbies and ask great questions.  True Story:  I have seen recruiters posing as candidates sitting in the lobbies and interacting with students! Remember – They are watching you!

10.  Employer’s #1 complaint is that some students don’t know enough about the company they are interviewing for.  To stand out and make the best impression, know everything about the company from the CEO’s name, the recent company news, their mission statement, what they do and even find out their stock value!  Google the company and use our recourses like CareerCat, WetFeet and Vault or simply call us and ask us what we know!